No. 5: Where's Lee? (June 3 - 8)

Because the governor's minimal "public" schedule should be public

I know that I said yesterday that I’d be sending a new story today and that it would not involve Gov. Bill Lee, but I’m waiting on one last request for comment. (So, stay tuned in that regard.)

Then it occurred to me: The governor’s office isn’t even making a pretense at access journalism, so there’s no reason (not that access journalism was a reason, mind you) that I should not be sharing his media schedule weekly, publicly, for everyone to find without having to make an open records request. Especially since most of his “public” schedule is not subject to open records requests, thanks to the hell that the Haslam family hath wrought (on and off the football field).

So from now on, I am going to post Lee’s (extremely limited) public media schedule, which the media is not supposed to share. But since it’s also legitimately a public record, because it is emailed to a number of reporters, there is no reason not to share it! Access journalism is dumb! (Yet it pays. Sometimes.)

Every Friday, when the press schedule for the next week goes out (usually late afternoon), I will email it out to this entire list, whether you are a subscriber or not. Because the list is a public record of which all of our ridiculously high sales tax dollars are funding the existence.

Oh, and if you’re on the governor’s morning press clippings distribution list and want to forward it to me every morning, I’ll totally post that here too! (Unless you readers tell me otherwise.)

More interesting news to come this weekend or Monday. The date typos below are from Lee’s communications staff, not me.


Monday, June 3

No public events

Tuesday, June 4

TN Telecommunications Association Summer Conference

Cool Springs Marriott, Salons 7-10

700 Cool Springs Blvd.

Franklin, TN

12:00 p.m. CDT

MEDIA – Open, Availability

Tyson Foods Tour

2800 E Tyson Dr.

Union City, TN

2:30 p.m. CDT

MEDIA – Open, Availability

Wednesday, June 5

No public events

Thursday, June 6

No public events

Friday, June 7

No public events

Saturday, June 8

No public events

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