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Boy, it’s been a minute. Something pandemic brain something new job something.


Ok, I know you’ve been there too. (Unless you’re living in a different country with a competent government, and if so, please tell me the best way to move there.)

I have an actual real newsletter coming Tuesday morning. I was going to send it out this afternoon, but I didn’t want y’all going into the three-day weekend any sadder or angrier than we all already are on any given day right now.

We are all struggling. Whatever you’re doing to get through this, as long it’s not massive amounts of drugs or booze, you’re doing ok. For weekly positivity and also cute photos of livestock, I strongly recommend A.C. Shilton’s Affirmation Chickens newsletter. She’s a journalist who’s also trying to run a farm in rural Tennessee, and it’s delightful (but not cloying) weekly inspiration.

In other — and personally more exciting — positive news, I found out today that New York magazine recommended my newsletter! Yes, this very one!

Knoxville pal Michele Purcell alerted me to this, which is one of the absolutely coolest things to happen to me in a long time. It’s just a tiny little mention, but it means a lot. Especially now, in 2020, when any positive thing has an oversized importance. And the entire article also has some great recommendations for other political newsletters (and two very, very bad ones — seriously don’t pay that misogynist or racist money).

So if you’re an original subscriber and supporter of The Dog & Pony Show, your taste has now been approved by New York (albeit not by the actual Approval Matrix). If you’re a new subscriber, welcome and thank you!

Please open your Tuesday newsletter and share it widely. You’re gonna want to read it.

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